[mythtv-users] Re: (Ciaran) - New MythMusic Theme - 4 Bins

Nick Parkinson nickparkinson at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 13:11:40 UTC 2005

>>>> Better than a switch would perhaps be just being
'active' when in a search/filter textbox? when in the
lists or else where then the numbers would behave as
expected (the bins?)

Agreed, I could probably put a textbox next to the
Artist label.  However I'm starting to think it might
be best to put "Import CD", "Burn CD" onto a Menu
overlay... just like when you press M whilst watching
Live TV.  This would free up the usage of the 1-9

>>>> What I would *really* like to be able to do is to
'queue' a track to play next, this is the commonest
thing I want to do really, is stack  up a chunk of
tracks, and when they've been played through revert
back to whatever it was doing prior to the enqueing,
either playlists, orrandomly jumping over my music,
does thtat make sense ?

Ok, so if you're listening to "playlists" then you
would Add various albums/saved playlists to the Active
Play Queue.  Then if you wanted a brief intermission
to add a 'chunk of tracks' you would do this by adding
songs/albums.  However - as it stands - these would go
to the bottom of the list so then you'd go to 'Manage
Playlists' and drag that batch of songs higher up in
the list (starting just after the currently playing
track).  Then these songs would play next followed by
your selected playlists/albums.

As for "Randomly jumping over music".  That would
require an option to 'always play random music' when
the Active Playlist has ended/empty.  Thats a good
idea.  An indicator would be helpful to emphasise this
mode had 'auto-selected'.  It would be a bit like how
a pub jukebox always plays music at random when no
requests are pending.

Thanks for your feeback fella's!

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