[mythtv-users] cable box woes

Steve stgarf at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 22:08:54 UTC 2005

I have a Scientific Atlanta Cable box that outputs cable via S-Video into my
PVR-500. I'm not sure exactly where I plug it into my PVR-500 and I'm also
not sure what settings need to be modified in mythtv-setup. (video0/s-video1
or 2, video1/s-video1 or2). I've tried both S-Video slots on my PVR-500 with
various settings in mythtv-setup to no avail. They way it's supposed to work
(AFAIK) is that lirc sends a change channel command to my cable box, the
cable box switches to the specified channel, outputs via the s-video cable
into my PVR-500 and myth records via the S-Video port on the 500.
 Thank you and any help is appreciated.
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