[mythtv-users] advice on which hardware revision of xbox as a frontend

Robert Anderson riznob at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 21:38:16 UTC 2005

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> > Robert might have meant UXE. In any case if you add -spam to your
> > Google search, that should remove most of the links to the
> > "Unsolicited Commercial Email" stuff.
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> Actually, I think the latest softmod exploit is the ndure installer, which
> is nice because it allows you to dual boot the XBox and still play on XBox
> Live, if you're into that sort of thing. I've got mine set up so that you
> press the "Eject" button to go to MythTV/Xebian and the Power button for
> normal XBox games.
> Check out the forums on http://xbox-scene.com
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>  If you have a 1.6 xbox, I recommend getting a modchip if you plan to put
a bigger HD in. If you don't plan to upgrade the HD, I would use Softmod
Installer Deluxe 3, which come in the Auto Installer Deluxe 3 package. Use a
game exploit to run the Softmod Installer.
 For linux and Myth, I use xebian installed within the xbox filesystem, no
linux partitions. This is convenient because the whole distro can be copied
from one xbox to another. Perhaps this could be distributed? Only things to
edit are IP Address and host file, and you would have a working xebian
distro with Myth configured. Sound interesting? Let me know. I could zip it
all up and make a torrent.
Rob Anderson
riznob at gmail.com
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