[mythtv-users] Trouble getting component outputs to work with nVidia 6200 ...

Mark Linford mythtv at marklinford.com
Wed Oct 5 17:57:09 UTC 2005

Well, after following Jarod's Fedora guide (excellent, btw), I've gotten 
a rudimentary MythTV box up and running. However, I'm now at the point 
where I want to go from my monitor out to my TV/component outs, and I'm 
having a heck of a time with X trying to make it work. Here's my setup:

* Fedora Core 4
* Gigabyte 6200-based video card, w/component-out breakout box
* Latest (7676) nVidia drivers
* Dell 2405W monitor (hooked up to its component-inputs) for testing, 
though eventually I want to hook it up to my projector in my media room

First, I thought I'd cheat, see if anybody was already using this 
configuration, and just copy their xorg.conf. Well, no such luck. So, 
per Jarod's advice I tried the PowerStrip route. Booting off of a 
WindowsXP drive, I used PowerStrip to find settings for 720x480p and 
tweeked the setttings until it looked decent (I'll worry about 
perfection later). Here's the mode line that PowerStrip gave me:

Linux modeline parameters:
"720x480" 26.625 720 752 824 896 480 481 484 497 -hsync -vsync

So, I edited my xorg.conf file with the following

Section "Monitor"
       Identifier "Monitor0"
       VendorName "Some Vendor"
       ModelName "HDTV"
       HorizSync 31.5 - 37.9
       VertRefresh 59.9 - 60.1
       ModeLine "720x480" 26.625 720 752 824 896 480 481 484 497 -hsync 

Section "Screen"
       Identifier "Screen0"
       Device "Videocard0"
       Monitor "Monitor0"
       DefaultDepth 24
       SubSection "Display"
               Depth 24
               Modes "720x480"
       Option "TVStandard" "HD480p"
       Option "ConnectedMonitor" "TV"

Now, at first, this failed completely, and X wouldn't even start. After 
checking out my Xorg.0.log file, I saw that it didn't like the hsync 
range of my 720x480 Mode. However, it did like the default 800x600 
mode.! So, just for fun, I changed

Modes "720x480"


Modes "800x600"

Now, I'm getting closer (I think). X will start without errors, but I 
only get a blank screen. I can drop down to a console, and I get text 
via the component outputs, but when I switch back to X, just black. 
Strangely, my monitor thinks it's getting a 480p signal, but I see 
nothing ...

Is it possible this setup just won't work? Googling and searching 
various forums about my configuration just brought results stating that 
my configuration (6200, component outputs) was possible, but nothing 
from anyone who actually got it up and running!

My X configuration skills are suspect at best, so I'm really not sure 
how to even proceed from this point. I really want to get this 
configuration up and running, though :) Any advice on where to go from 
here would be appreciated.


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