[mythtv-users] VLC and MythTV and RTSP streams (VoD)

Steven Willis onlynone at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 14:39:00 UTC 2005

On 9/19/05, Ow Mun Heng <Ow.Mun.Heng at wdc.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>         Am wondering if anyone here did anything with regards to using VLC to
> stream/playback VoD streams. (using VLC's RTSP streaming)

I just started looking into this myself. The vlc documentation doesn't
seem that good in regards to rtsp. This is the method I've got going
so far:

1. Start the server:
    > vlc -- --ttl 5  -vvv --color -I telnet --telnet-password
videolan --rtsp-host

2. Connect via telnet to 4212 and issue the following commands for
each of my captured shows:

    new 1025_20050926200000_20050926203000.nuv vod enabled
    setup 1025_20050926200000_20050926203000.nuv input

3. Edit MythWeb's conf.php file to have the following line:

    define('video_url', 'rtsp://');

Now when I browse my recorded shows in mythweb I can click on any of
them and get a stream. I also wrote a script which runs every day that
telnets into 4212 deletes all the current streams and then adds a new
one for every file in my /mythfiles/recordings/ directory. I would
love it if this could be a little more automatic as each show is
recorded but I haven't sat down and actually done this. What would be
great is if VLC could be told to stream every file in a directory on

Also the stream isn't compatible with realplayer or quicktime. I
haven't figured out how to get rtsp streams to automatically open with
the vlc player on a mac, so for now I just have to copy the url and
paste it in the player. But more importantly I would like it to be
compatible with as many other clients as possible. I have a feeling
the incompatibilities are due to the nuv format that the files are
saved in (quicktime could play the audio, but not video, realplayer
did nothing).

I read a bit about using vlc to do transcoding on the server side, but
I haven't figured it out yet. I would love to have the video
transcoded to some very compatible format and deinterlaced. Has anyone
done anything like this with video captured from a PVR350 in the nuv

> Mplayer seems to jerk after the initial buffering when I play back RTSP
> streams.

VLC plays the streams very smoothly.

-Steven Willis

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