[mythtv-users] how to interpret loadaverage on mythtv backendstatus page

anders smith 4nders at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 20:48:17 UTC 2005

thanks for the enlightenment guys.

I'm using a 600mhz C3 processor with 256mb ram and it seem responsive enough
eventhough it's running my mythbackend with two pvr250 cards supplying two
xboxes, nfs mounts with music and my 4 personal websites (very low hit count

I looks like I was exagerating a bit as it now seems to be running
2.11while recording, and watching on one frontend (and processor 93%
idle). This
morning I was running mythfilldatabase and it got up to 6 and didn't drop
below 4 when it finished.... that was why I thought it was the normal level.
It seems responsive enough so I'll stop worrying about it for now as I like
the low power profile of the setup (about 60 watts including two big

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