[mythtv-users] ability to do "quick" manual recording ?

Ricardo Kleemann ricardo at americasnet.com
Tue Oct 4 18:45:23 UTC 2005

Tom Lichti wrote:

>Go into the EPG and press record on the program you are watching (should
>only be two button presses). It might actually work if you just press
>record while watching Live TV, but I've never tried it as I don't watch
>Live TV.

I understand that... but my point is exactly that I DON'T want to depend on
the EPG or the currently running program. I want to be able to do a "manual"
record for however long I want (30 minutes, 1 hour, whatever).

The whole reason is that the EPG is NOT always reliable. A main example is
when it comes to international programming, it is quite often that the
programming info in the EPG simply doesn't match because the programs don't
start and end exactly as per the guide.

Pressing "R" on liveTV works fine to start recording, but I don't want to be
tied directly to the EPG for determining when the recording should stop...

Paul V. Gratz wrote:
>Pressing the record button from Live TV does the correct thing in that it
>records the show you are watching from now until it ends.
>It would be nice though to have a way to extend past the end time of a
>show.  This comes up fairly often when watching sports programs.  After
>burned by this I now always record the show after the game I want to watch
>just in case we go into overtime...

That's pretty much what I mean... sports programs are an example of programs
that will end past what the EPG indicates, and would fail to record
properly. My situation is even worse because I'm dealing with an
international channel where the EPG is almost ALWAYS wrong... not wrong in
the lineup, but the timing doesn't match.

It would be greate to have the capability to hit "R" multiple times and in
so doing, indicate the exact time when to stop recording.

How difficult would it be to do something like that? What commands are
issued to control recording... maybe a script can be created for this? If
someone can give me pointers I can experiment...


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