[mythtv-users] remoting forntend and backend from satellite receiver, TV and A/V receiver

Joe Harvell jharvell at dogpad.net
Tue Oct 4 16:19:44 UTC 2005

Just after I posted this, I was thinking a setup like you are describing 
is better.  And I would like to go that route.

My backend is mostly highly available.  But I do frequently do software 
upgrades, so I am worried about the WAF when I have to explain to my 
wife why she can't watch DISH when I have unplanned down time on the 
backend.  What I didn't describe in my plan below is that I would split 
the audio and video out of the DISH receiver with one leg of each going 
directly to the A/V receiver and TV, respectively.  This way backend 
down time would not prevent us from watching DISH.

I guess I could get a second dish receiver for the backend and leave the 
existing one where it is.  But this would cost me $5 per month which I 
was hoping to avoid.

Any advice?

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

> Joe Harvell wrote:
>> I am planning on setting up Myth and want both my frontend and 
>> backend to be about 100-120 feet (cable distance) away from my 
>> satellite receiver, TV, and A/V receiver.  Currently I have a Dish301 
>> (S-video + RCA audio out), but I would consider upgrading to another 
>> Dish receiver.
>> Since it's Dish, it sounds like I have to use an IR blaster to 
>> control the Dish receiver.  So that means I would have the following 
>> signals carried over the long haul:
>> First, from the viewing/listening area (Dish receiver is located here 
>> for WAF):
>> - Dish video out -> backend capture card video in
>> - Dish audio out -> backend capture card audio in
>> - remote IR receiver -> backend IR in (on capture card? on serial or 
>> USB port?)
> Not to challenge your entire architecture, but the dish receiver has 
> to be only in proximity to the backend.  What is your WAF issue?  I 
> would say move the backend and receiver to a convenient location out 
> of the main viewing area and then install a small form factor frontend 
> in place of the reciever in your viewing area.  This eliminates the 
> long haul cabling except for CAT5 which could even be eliminated with 
> high speed wireless.  Depending on the frontend, you might spend more 
> in cables to get the signal to the watching area than you would in 
> buying the small PC.
> Kevin
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