[mythtv-users] Source for drives

Chris Trown ctrown at safe-mail.net
Tue Oct 4 14:31:18 UTC 2005

Andrew Close wrote:
> On 9/27/05, Mike Daugird <MDaugird at erdman.com> wrote:
>>are there any good sources for hard drives? I am recording at 2 gib/hr mpeg2 from my pvr 350 and I have been very happy with the way it has been working so far. My problem now is that I have run out of room on a 250 gig drive that formatted was 233gig.
>>It doesn't look like I am in need of a high performance drive, 10 Mbytes/sec looks like top end traffic.
>>are there any secret sources for large capacity drives?
>>I have been watching the sunday paper and that is how I got my 250 gig drive.
>>I checked newegg refurbished and they had a 300g but it was Sata.
>>thanks for your time and have a good day
> Mike (all),
> i don't know if you're still in the market for a new drive, but Fry's
> currently has a 300GB Seagate (IDE) on sale for $99.00.  it does
> require a rebate.
> http://www.outpost.com/entry?site=op:mfe093005&sku=4280824

      There deal webpages out there listing prices for products.  I check
http://www.edealinfo.com  They categorize the deals as well, making it 
easier to find what you want.  There's also http://www.slickdeals.com

      If you know what you want, check www.pricewatch.com and 

      As far as the Seagate drive, check out it's reliability first. 
I've read quite a few negative reports from users.  That is a pretty 
good price for that drive, though.  That seems to be good advice for any 
of these new, cheap, very high capacity drives.  The reliability just 
isn't there.


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