[mythtv-users] Lirc and 2 virtual Desktops

Jay Jarvinen jay-lists at 3pound.com
Tue Oct 4 06:27:09 UTC 2005

On Thu, 29 Sep 2005 15:03:39 -0700 (PDT)
Jordack <jordack at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I have 2 virtual desktops but the remote seems to only
> work on one of the 2 screens.  And it's not the one I
> would like it to display on?  Other then switching the
> monitors and reconfiguring them is there and easy way
> to have it control say the left screen rather then the
> right?
> Haugwhocanspellit 250 - New Grey Remote

It sounds like you're using irexec and 'CurrentWindow', as
opposed to native lirc entries like this:

## in lircrc
  prog = mythtv
  button = Record
  config = R

With the 'prog' specified, the MythTV desktop need not be focused for
the remote to work (most the time .. see below).

If your question is, how can I focus a given desktop so I can control
MythTV and* any popups/dialogs it uses? My problem was the latter, so
I just used this:

  prog = irexec
  button = Asterisk
  config = DISPLAY=:0.1 wmctrl -s 1; sleep 1; DISPLAY=:0.1 wmctrl -s 0

wmctrl site: http://sweb.cz/tripie/utils/wmctrl/

I didn't research other solutions, but judging from the archive, the
topic of "lirc focus" is not a new one. 

[UPDATE] I spoke too soon, this is much better:

DISPLAY=:0.1 wmctrl -a mythfrontend


<checking something before hitting send>

I must admit, I'm confused why (precisely) 'prog = mythtv' is correct,
when xwininfo reports 'mythfrontend' for both the main window and
dialogs. I suspect the answer lies in the source, but ..

I'm further* confused by what happened while checking xwininfo:
if I run an additional window on :0.1 (xterm in this case), and give
it focus before leaving :0.1, keyboard focus will stay here on :0.0
(where I'm editing this email) but popups on :0.1 receive lirc focus
as desired. (leaving == moving mouse to :0.0)

Note: Any time I leave :0.1, mythfrontend will move on top of any
windows there. I assume it's because I'm running it in fullscreen


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