[mythtv-users] Re: How do I Disable the Media Handlers on the Frontend?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Oct 4 01:07:35 UTC 2005

Greg Grotsky wrote:

> Okay so really it's 20 seconds but it feels like forever because it 
> shows the background but doesn't do anything else.  Here's the 
> timestamps that go around the other items.
> 2005-10-01 18:36:35.305 New DB connection, total: 2
> 2005-10-01 18:36:35.322 Registering MythDVD DVD Media Handler as a 
> media handler
> 2005-10-01 18:36:35.323 Registering MythDVD VCD Media Handler as a 
> media handler
> 2005-10-01 18:36:56.641 Registering MythMusic Media Handler as a media 
> handler
> Has anyone seen this anywhere or know how to fix it?  Someone 
> suggested that it could be the cdrecord /scanbus command that's run on 
> mythfrontend startup but running that command on my machine shows 
> results right away.  :(

What happens when you disable:

Monitor CD/DVD
This enables support for monitoring your CD/DVD drives for new disks and 
launching the proper plugin to handle them.


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