[mythtv-users] pvr-500

james at ctsphone.com james at ctsphone.com
Mon Oct 3 17:51:35 UTC 2005

I have a pvr-500 and I have it working, sort of. I get picture and sound
on both tuners but I cannot change the channels, when I use the number pad
or the arrows it says it is going to the next channel or whatever I
select. But it stays on the same channel all the time, the new channel
data pops up and everything too. I just get the same channel, 76 for
everything. I am using the newest version of knoppmyth, and ivtv-0.3.9
drivers, I have tried other versions which do the same, if I go below
ivtv-0.3.7, I loose my picture? Does anyone have any solutions? Thanks


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