[mythtv-users] Large-scale myth farm

Greg Cope gregcope at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 14:50:57 UTC 2005

> We'd only be recording some programmes. We've enough experience of
> enterprise systems to build a resilient backend (though we'd have
> to look at how we'd do failover on the master backend - the SPoF
> of the system). How many quad opterons (Sun do the nice v40z)
> would it take to transcode say four programmes simultaneously?
> Could one server handle 4 DVB capture cards? What's the first
> bottleneck people hit - the PCI bus? hard drive speed?

LOL - fantastic!  Lend me one and I'll tell you :-)

Most "servers" could probably handle lots of DVB cards, as this is
only PCI bandwidth and disk IO speed.  PCI bus is probably you next
problem as disk IO is not usually an issue.

I would think that a quad CPU box will easily transcode 4 programs,
but you did not ask how long it would take?

Linux clustering should be able to remove the SPOF of the backend -
you would also need to cluster the DB and NFS parts.  Obviously if you
have a failure whilst recording then there will be a "gap", unless you
have 2 backends, but most things are broadast twice these days.


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