[mythtv-users] Large-scale myth farm

Illtud Daniel illtud.daniel at llgc.org.uk
Mon Oct 3 11:15:12 UTC 2005


At the National Library of Wales we're looking to implement
an off-air recording system to ingest into our digital asset
management system, and we're interested in MythTV as a front-
end (as it has all the scheduling smarts etc.) then ingesting
the datastreams & metadata from MythTV into our DAMS. I've
a few questions:

UK DVB cards/receivers - which would you recommend? We'd like
to be able to capture subtitles and get metadata from the EPG.
Direct MPEG2 capture would be the ideal, possibly transcoding
to MPEG4.

FM Radio Cards - I can't see how to get MythTV to use the FM
function of the PVR350 we're experimenting with. How would we
use external tuners and a soundcard audio input for this?
If there's no 'video source' for the scheduling data how do
we set up a channel that does nothing except record audio
without associated data? (and can we manually add data through
the fronted?)

Multiple backends - I can't see an overview of how this works -
is there one? From what I can understand, you configure
additional backends with additional capture cards, and the
master backend farms out the capture work to the others -
correct? Where does transcoding take place? Are these jobs
shared out intelligently, or does transcoding always occur on
the backend which captured the programme?

Sorry to have put so many questions into one post - please
reply if you've answers to any of the above, I'm not expecting
anybody to have all the answers!

Illtud Daniel                                 illtud.daniel at llgc.org.uk
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Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru                  National Library of Wales
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