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Brandon Gawronski mythtv at carbonite.net
Sun Oct 2 21:23:20 UTC 2005

Hi. I've searched for a few weeks now and haven't found any situations
similar to mine.  I try to do everything one step at a time.   I've
installed Fedora 4 Core and got my Hauppauge PVR 150 working with tvtime
(http://tvtime.sourceforge.net/), comes installed in FC4.  It tunes in all
my channels, I can change channels, and I have audio.

I then installed the mythtv components.  Everything works great, I can
pause, rewind, and record. the guide appears correctly on screen, wonderful.
However.I don't have any audio on Live TV or recorded programs.  Am I
correct in saying that MythTV uses mplayer for playback?  I've tried to use
mplayer to play a regular *.mpg file. and it always come back with an error,
no codec found, then the video plays with no audio. just like MythTV.  When
I google the error that I'm getting, it tells me to copy over some windows
DLLs and a bunch of other craziness.  Are these issues related?  If I get
mplayer to work do you think MythTV will work?  Any ideas..?  Thanks for the


>>> Brandon

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