[mythtv-users] Over/underscan issues using VGA-component adaptor

Brian Webb webbbn at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 16:24:11 UTC 2005

I have an VIA EPIA/Unicrome based frontend that works fairly well
using an svideo connection to a HDTV capable tube TV.  I recently
decided to try a VGA-component converter to try to improve the video
quality.   I only watch SDTV, so I'm trying to get it working at 480p.
 So far, the GUI looks great, and the video quality is very good.  The
problem is that, while the GUI appears to be overscanned about the
same as it was using the svideo connection, video appears to be
underscanned in the horizontal direction.

I've played with every setting that I know of to no avail.  Does
anybody know what could be causing this and possibly how to fix it? 
There are setting that will allow me to shrink the picture
horizontally, but I can't grow it, so it appears that the video mode
is different between the GUI and video.  I have not set any of the
options that would allow different video modes, so I don't understand
what is happening. FWIW, I'm recording at 720x480, which should match
the screen resolution, so there should be no scaling.

This is my modeline setting:

        Modeline "480p"  28.698 720 760 824 912 480 484 492 525



Brian Webb
webbbn at gmail.com

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