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Peter Darley darley at darleyconsulting.com
Sat Oct 1 05:04:27 UTC 2005


	I'm building a frontend box to go with a tv that is 1080i capable.  I'm not
planning on tuning HDTV, and I'm not likely to play dvds through the myth
box, so I don't have a compelling reason to drive the tv as an HDTV.

	The question is:  For regular format tv, would I be better off outputting
it via svideo and letting the tv scale it, or would I be better off letting
the frontend scale the video, then outputting it at 1080i via a component
out?  The machine isn't going to have a tuner, and will have an mpeg2
hardware decoder, so I'm not woried about load on the machine, just picture

Peter Darley

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