[mythtv-users] HELP: No TV after hw install of HD3000 (w/ PVR250 and FC4)

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 30 11:32:20 EST 2005

Michael T. Dean wrote:

> Brad Fuller wrote:
>> Blastzone wrote:
>>> If you look at the capture card setup in mythtv-setup, myth is going 
>>> to grab whatever is listed first when you choose to watch liveTV.  
>>> So, if this screen (mythtv-setup, option 2) says 'DVB'  then 
>>> 'PVR-250', it's going to grab the DVB card first, and time out.
>> from what I've read, it is the order that was first placed in the 
>> configuration, not the list in the configuration.
>> That doesn't seem right to me, though. I've deleted and re-entered 
>> cards several times and I don't see the logic in it.
> Myth *always* uses the highest priority card first--for LiveTV or 
> recordings.  This allows you to "prefer" recordings from better 
> capture cards or on more powerful backends.
> However, for LiveTV, you can tell Myth to do exactly the opposite of 
> its default--to use the lowest priority card first--by setting:
> Avoid conflicts between live TV and scheduled shows.
> If enabled, live TV will choose a tuner card that is less likely to 
> have scheduled recordings rather than the best card available.
> At which point all recordings will be done with the highest priority 
> card that's available and LiveTV will be done with the lowest-priority 
> card that's available--so you won't have a conflict until all your 
> cards are in use.
> If you have multiple cards with the same priority (i.e. you haven't 
> specified priorities for your cards), the cardid is used for a 
> tie-breaker (the card with the lowest cardid will have the highest 
> "priority").  Note that cardid is not necessarily the same as your 
> device number (i.e. it's possible to have /dev/video1 as cardid 0 and 
> /dev/video0 as cardid 1).  The cardid is an auto-incrementing field in 
> the database, so the cardid's will increase in order as you define new 
> cards (and if you delete a card, higher cardid's remain untouched, so 
> the list is not necessarily sequential).
> Hope this helps to figure out what's going on.  Since the original 
> issue was trimmed, I may have gone OT, but at least wanted to clear up 
> any confusion on the issues that seemed to remain.

thanks Mike. That's clears up a couple of issues. Is priority set by the 
field "Input Preference" in mythtv-setup? If so, maybe the text should 
change with the word "priority" in it.
How do you change the cardid? I'm sure it's in the archives someplace... 
I searched. I'll look more... I imagine it can only be changed in the dB.

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