[mythtv-users] Commercial Flagging - whats it all about

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Wed Nov 30 07:32:48 EST 2005

Christopher McEwan wrote:

> On 11/30/05, *Stephen Dolan* <stephen.dolan at gmail.com 
> <mailto:stephen.dolan at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Have to agree with Ant. I'm in Ireland and I find that the commercial
>     detection works reasonably well on the Irish channels, but the UK
>     channels are very hit and miss - it never seems to properly detect the
>     commercials on Channel4 for some reason :-(
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> The only commercial detection that works 100% for me is the aspect 
> ratio change. I sent the guy who codes the commercial detection stuff 
> a clip of the aspect ratio change and he managed to get it to detect that.
> The strange thing is, when I used to use an analog card (pvr250) the 
> commercial detection sucess rate would be about 95% !! with dual DVB 
> tuners unless it can use the aspect ratio change as detection then its 
> about a 5% success rate.. if that ! Maybe the dvb signals are too 
> clean in comparison to the analog stream ?

I find that, with my DVB recordings, I wasn't having much success at all.

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