[mythtv-users] HD3000 recording problem in Mythtv- signalStrengthATSC_v4l2(), error: Invalid argument

Daniel Kristjansson danielk at cuymedia.net
Tue Nov 29 23:47:06 EST 2005

On Tue, 2005-11-29 at 13:22 -0800, Brad Fuller wrote:
> Mercury Morris wrote:
> > So, here's a question:  Did you complete a successful scan of 
> > available channels during mythtv-setup?  
> It's greyed out. Is it grayed out because I chose "no" at the beginning 
> of mythtv. I just didn't want it to change anything since I didn't want 
> what I had corrupted. Would it?
If you are using 0.18.1, it is greyed out because that version didn't
support scanning for V4L sources of any kind. SVN supports scanning
Analog and Digital V4L sources, as well as DVB sources.

> > And another question:  Did you choose to define the HD3000 card as a 
> > DVB card (part of Input Connections)?
> There is no "DVB" setting in Input Connections. My Input Connections 
> assigns the Capture Device (card) and Input to the Video Source (which 
> is "terrestrial" as cited above)
What he means is, did you define the card as a "pcHDTV HD-2000/3000" 
card or "DVB" card. The former only works with the Digial V4L pcHDTV
drivers, and the latter only works with the DVB DTV drivers. In SVN
the former has been renamed to specify that it only applies with the
V4L drivers. When 0.18 was being developed the HD-3000 DVB drivers
were new and still a bit broken. Also the digital V4L pcHDTV support
in 0.18.1 does not support the pcHDTV 2.0 drivers during setup, only
1.4 and earlier; you need SVN to setup using the digital pcHDTV 2.0
V4L drivers.

> > Under Channel Editor (part of mythtv-setup) you can scan for channels, 
> > actually you must scan for them or else MythTV won't work.
> hmmm... I guess I have to say YES to the question:
> "Would you like to clear all program data and channel settings..."
> at the beginning. Shessh.. I don't want to mess up what is alread there. 
> Will it?
This will clear all the channels. In SVN, you can delete the channels on
one source as part of the scan. But in 0.18 you must either delete each
channel individually (hi-light the channel in the Channel Editor, then
press M, then select "Delete" from the menu), or you can delete the
channels using the mysql command line tool if you have a basic command
of SQL, or delete all channels on all sources during startup.

If you are using a pcHDTV card I recommend you upgrade to SVN
revision 7674. It will make the setup considerably easier, while
avoiding the LiveTV problems in current SVN.

If you have the DVB drivers installed create a DVB card, and make sure
you click all the buttons in the card setup so everything is initialized
properly. Also make sure that you do not assign a source that you have
ever added V4L channels to, to a DVB card input. That is just asking for
trouble as V4L drivers tune to the visual carrier of a channel and DVB
drivers tune to the center frequency of a channel. Also if you change
the frequency table used by a digital source, make sure you delete all
the channels on that card using the "treatment of existing channels"
tab in the scanner.

A sizable part of the 0.19 release will be improvements in the setup of
and usability of digital cards like the pcHDTV HD-3000.

The other part of the release is improved LiveTV functionality which
we are working the kinks out of at the moment.

-- Daniel

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