[mythtv-users] multiple cards question

poi at planetofidiots.com poi at planetofidiots.com
Tue Nov 29 17:31:24 EST 2005

Hi all

Everything is running, and it's quite an excellent thing(!), but now I'd like 
to add more cards...I've done the recommended edit in modules.d/ivtv for a 
second card

alias char-major-81-0
alias char-major-81-1

but ivtv doesnt seem to initialize it (1st card now running is pvr250, 2nd 
card is pvr350). dmesg shows video0 is created, but not video1.

I've got the CX88 kernel driver loaded as module, as well as the bttv.
Did I miss something in the config?


also want to add an HD3000 -- are all 3 of these likely to work well together?

Any pointers much appreciated

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