[mythtv-users] Digital Audio with myth

David myth at dgreaves.com
Tue Nov 29 17:24:19 EST 2005

>>I installed a S/PDIF output onto my motherboard which works a treat.
>>The only catch was that I can't use the Myth volume controls now -
>>pressing vol +/- on the remote has no effect. I have to use the
>>receiver's remote to change volume now. But that's a very minor catch.
>That's because the S/PDIF is outputting a digital stream which the
>receiver decodes and is responsible for amplifying. I don't think it's
>possible to dynamically adjust a digital audio stream before it hits
>the amp.
>From the ALSA list a while back when I asked about controling the volume of an SPDIF output.

Not had a chance to try it:

Some boards like cs46xx have SPDIF PCM volume controls, but usually
no h/w control is available.
As a user-space solution, try softvol plugin.  Put something like
below to ~/.asoundrc:

pcm.spdifvol {
	type softvol
	slave.pcm "spdif"
	control {
		name "SPDIF Playback Volume"
		card 0



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