[mythtv-users] A7N8X-E Deluxe Stability with HD2000 / FBUS, FDSR, IRQ Lockup

John Freer john_freer at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 28 14:56:04 EST 2005

Hi All,

Looking for suggestions on which way to go.


I've got an XP2600, 333FSB, in an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard
with a MX440 at 8x AGP.  As tuners, I've got a PVR-250, HD-2000
(dvb-bt8xx DVB Driver), and a Win-TV dbx (software btttv card).

Assuming nothing else is going on, I can playback 1080i content with
~5% free.

I'm running FC3 with 2.6.12 / 18.1 mythtv.  All dist-upgraded to the
latest at-testing.

Other HW installed is 2x IDE HDD's, Linksys WLAN NIC.  Using onboard
sound, ethernet.


I have intermittant problems with HD recordings from the HD-2000. 
They go well when there is no other real activity on the HDD's or PCI
bus.  However, if I'm recording, say, on the PVR-250 and the HD-2000
at the same time, I have a ~25% of the recording failing.  If HD-2000
recording, commercial flagging, and PVR-250 recording at the same
time, I have a 100% chance of the HD card stopping recording. 
Likelihood = a function of bus traffic.  Similar results when viewing
a recording (SDTV or HDTV) and recording HD.  Likelihood of recording
failure is a function of bus traffic.

In the dmesg logs, I get about a hundred or so:
bttv(0) FBUS risc_pc=fff2453

sometimes I get something like
FDSR errors,

Then they end with something like
bttv(0) IRQ lockup

and the HD recording ends.

There is also pixelation / data corruption while the FBUS errors are
going on.  Its not a signal quality issue.  Seems to correlate with
processor load and/or HDD load.  

My dilemma:

I have been considering upgrading the processor to an XP3200 /
FSB400.  I could also just buy a different motherboard if there one
with a more reliable chipset / PCI bus.  I could also buy an Intel
combo if the XP combo will never yield reliable recordings.

I don't want to spend $$ on an upgraded processor if the core problem
is the chipset and it won't solve the problem.  Limited time to

Stuff I've tried:

1.  ensure HD-2000 isn't sharing an IRQ --> doesn't help
2.  decrease latency on all pci bus cards except the HD-2000. 
Increase latencey to 255 (from 32) on HD-2000 audio, video. -->
doesn't help.
3.  checked signal strength / signal quality.  --> Great signal

Is anyone using an HD-2000 with ivtv on an Asus A7N8*-* motherboard?
Results?  (I've read a couple posts at linuxtv where frustration
ensued and someone chucked the asus mobo for an msi cheapie and it
was rock-solid ever since).

Other things to try?


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