[mythtv-users] Cant delete programs when HD files up

Ben Edwards funkytwig at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 06:59:15 EST 2005

I came back at the end of the weekend and my hard disk had filled up. 
When I tried to delete anything the frontend hung when I went to
delete a probram and selected 'Delete it'.  I ended up hading to
manually delete a old program media data for free up some room.  That
did the trick and allowed me to delete other stuff. When I try to
delete the entry from the media library relating to the manually
deleted .nuv (Ime using a nava-t) file nothing happens.

So I have two questions.

Firstly how come I cant delete programmes when I have filled up the
drive, how can I stop this happening in the future.

Secondly how do I delete Media library entries which do not have any
associated media (.nuv files).

Ben Edwards - Exeter & Bristol, UK, England
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