[mythtv-users] PVR-350 TV and native Recording smooth, Transcodedand other video choppy

Paul Fielding paul at fielding.ca
Mon Nov 28 00:05:04 EST 2005

Using the ivtvdev X driver, if Xv isn't working for it then I need to know how to make it work *shrug*.

Already tried the drivers at the link you provided, with the problems already listed below, therefore using an older version of the ivtvdev driver.

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  Paul Fielding wrote:

  > Ok, I dunno where else to look.  I've searched my brains out and tried 
  > just about everything.    Using:
  > Knoppmyth R5A22
  > SP130000 motherboard
  > PVR-350
  > ivtv kernel 0.4.0
  > ivtvdev - not sure what version, but not current. Found at:
  > http://membres.lycos.fr/badzzzz/ivtvdev_drv.o.gz
  > - PVR 350 is enabled in Mythtv
  > - Watching TV gives crystal clear playback.
  > - Watching untranscoded TV recordings is clear.
  > - Watching DVDs gives extremely poor framerate
  > - Watching transcoded recordings gives poor framerate
  > - Watching downloaded mpg videos gives poor framerate
  > This is all happening through the PVR-350 tv out.
  > I've tried everything under the sun I can find from a million 
  > different sources, and right now I'm simply amazed I haven't 
  > completely cratered my mythtv installation.  
  > I tried going to the latest ivtvdev drivers, but when I do it fails 
  > with the following:
  > (II) v4l driver for Video4Linux
  > (II) IVTVDEV_TST: driver for framebuffer: PVR-350
  > (II) Primary Device is: PCI 01:00:0
  > (WW) ivtvdev: No matching Device section for instance (BusID 
  > PCI:0:20:0) found
  > (EE) No devices detected.
  > Note that my card is at 0x14 (which translates to 20 I believe)
  > Switching back to the older driver works fine except for the frame 
  > rate problems listed above.
  > Any thoughts?

  Sounds like you're not using the XV accelerated framebuffer driver for 
  your PVR-350 output.  This is causing your non-MPEG2 recordings 
  (although I wonder what is happening with your DVD playback, maybe your 
  DVD player software isn't using PVR-350 acceleration either?) to have 
  poor performance.

  I don't have this card, but I believe you can download the X driver here:


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