[mythtv-users] Re: Buffer underrun/audio stuttering

tgate tgate at mypublic.net
Sun Nov 27 19:26:15 EST 2005

> I was having the same problem. I had been running mythfrontend as  
> root and out of desperation I switched to running as a normal user  
> but running suid root, with mythfrontend owned by root.  Suddenly  
> the stuttering went away.  I can't imagine why.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to take back the fact that it works.  It  
did work for about 45 minutes and then the front end crashed.  When I  
started back up I got the stuttering all over again.  I'm at a  
complete loss.  On top of that, occasionally when I go to watch  
liveTV the front end will crash.  I start it up again and the next  
time it stays up.  Seems pretty random.


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