[mythtv-users] NUV TO WINDOWS PC

catfish catfish at halfdone.com
Sun Nov 27 12:13:16 EST 2005

How about VirtualDubMod? It's Virtual Dub with some modifications including 
support for mpeg files. To be honest I haven't tried mpeg4 get but I've had 
no problems editing the mpeg2 nuv files from my PVR350 with it.


Phill Edwards wrote:
> I have VirtualDub 1.6.11 installed on my Windows XP box and I thought
> I'd be able to use it to do some cuts to my MythTV recordings. I have
> a recording which was MPEG2 from a DVB-T broadcast which then got
> transcoded to MPEG4 by post recording processing. But when I try to
> open it in VirtualDub I get an error that says "Cannot detect file
> type".

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