[mythtv-users] Infra-red Remote as keyboard

Michael Cowell michael at mousewasher.dk
Sun Nov 27 06:03:29 EST 2005

Richard Smith wrote:
> I have a USB infra-red which presents itself to the system as a
> keyboard / mouse (it's from the Twinhan DVB card package).
> Connecting everything up gives me some control over mythtv from the
> remote but, not suprisingly I need to do some key re-mapping.  My
> problem is in knowing how to make setkeycodes work with this remote. 
> I can change the keyboard mappings on the PS/2 connected keyboard but
> nothing I do seems to affect the remote.
> Can anyone give me a pointer?  Has anyone already solved this
> particular problem?
I used xev to determine the key codes for all the buttons and then
MythWeb to assign the keys. Works fine.


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