[mythtv-users] Gentoo not building lirc_i2c?

Steve stgarf at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 03:59:55 EST 2005

Because one the the symbols in the lirc code was deprecated once you upgrade
to the 2.6.13.x or higher kernel, which is the kernel I'm assuming you have,
lirc will no longer compile without patching lirc_i2c.c. These are the steps
to do this:
1) # emerge lirc
2) When portage has downloaded the source and FINISHES UNPACKING THE SOURCE
press ctrl+x.
3) Save the following to a file called lirc_patch.diff:
--- lirc_i2c.c.orig 2005-10-16 17:06:37.435842709 -0400
+++ lirc_i2c.c 2005-10-16 17:06:46.295693219 -0400
@@ -54,8 +54,12 @@


-#include "drivers/kcompat.h"
#include "drivers/lirc_dev/lirc_dev.h"
+#include "drivers/kcompat.h"
+#   define I2C_ALGO_BIT 0

struct IR {
struct lirc_plugin l;

4) # patch /var/tmp/portage/lirc-0.7.2/work/lirc-0.7.2/drivers/lirc_i2c/lirc_i2c.c
-i lirc_patch.diff
5) # emerge lirc

It should now emerge without any problems.
P.S. Credits for the patch go to "Tom" as he signs his posts on the lirc
mailing list.


On 11/26/05, Louie Ilievski <loudawg at comcast.net> wrote:

> On Saturday 26 November 2005 03:27 pm, Brady wrote:
> > I can not get Gentoo to build the lirc_i2c module for anything. This
> > is a recent 2005-r1 install that is completely fresh. i2c is enabled
> > and lirc builds lirc_dev but will not build the i2c driver for
> > anything.
> I'm assuming you're trying to get LIRC working on a Hauppauge card since
> those
> use lirc_i2c.  When you emerge lirc on Gentoo, you need to pass an option.
> It should look like this:
> LIRC_OPTS="--with-driver=hauppauge" emerge lirc
> You can also make things easier by just adding
> LIRC_OPTS="--with-driver=hauppauge" to the end of your /etc/make.conf file
> so
> you can just do "emerge lirc" and not worry about it again.
> ~Lou
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