[mythtv-users] remove remote windows logo?

travis moralindignation at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 03:10:48 EST 2005

On 11/26/05, Cougar <mythtv at lost.data.ee> wrote:
> Don't know what is PVR150 remote but I have PVR500MCE remote with
> "windows" key and it was very easy to remove it. This is only key that is
> not made of rubber but some plastic glass. If you open remote, then you
> can remove this key and windows sticker is below it.
> ---
> Cougar

I think we are talking about the same remote. Mine came with the 150,
but it has all rubber keys except the plastic window's key as you
describe. The only screw I see is if I remove the battery door. I
turned it and it felt like it was loosening, but it never came out.
That didn't seem to make the thing any easier to open, like it's glued
together or something. Did you have to 'crack' yours open?

(This seems like such a silly thing to be discussing, perhaps there
should be a lame user questions list.) Thanks for the tip.

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