[mythtv-users] Where's the ESC button on the ATI Remote Wonder?

Shardayyy shardayyy at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 12:57:15 EST 2005

I have actually tried removing the LIRC package that was part of FC4 and am
not sure if I got it all. Can you please give a simple command that would do
that for Fedora Core.


Also I was only able to get theses buttons to work (up, down, left, right
and the number buttons) and while these buttons work, they seem to repeat 4
times for every button I push.


Any help would be appreciated.







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On 11/26/05, Jakob Fix <jakob.fix at gmail.com> wrote:

Mercury, Michael,

thanks for the recommendations to use LIRC.  Is it painless to switch
from the kernel support to LIRC?  Is there some Howto for this?  I'm
really uneasy to fix something that's not broke (well, it is not 
working, agreed).  I'm using the frontend on a Breezy Ubuntu, the
backend is on a Debian.

Well, complete disclosure requires the following to be said:  There is a bit
of work to be done switching from kernel support to LIRC.  But after doing
the work, I was quite happy to have made the extra effort.

Here is how I started: I removed the LIRC package that had been loaded as
part of Fedora Core 3 installation.  Then, I downloaded lirc-0.7.2 package
from lirc.org.  By following the documentation in the lirc-0.7.2 package
(and there is a lot of documentation scattered throughout), I was able to
make the switch.

Before copying all my notes from the process, I recommend that you start
with the lirc-0.7.2 (or whatever is the latest) package and see how far you
can get.
Since you are using both Ubuntu AND Debian, I'll assume that you know your
way around Linux.

Here's a hint: Only one of the kernel modules, ati_remote -and- lirc_atiusb,
can be active.  So, you must rename the ati_remote kernel module, AND then
you have to adjust the Ubuntu equivalent file for Fedora Core's

By now, it might seem that LIRC isn't worth it, like it might be way too
much work.  It isn't.  The LIRC package is really WELL DONE.  I have no
regrets whatsoever.  In fact, the package is so good, I was able to figure
out how to have multiple ATI Remote Wonder remotes controlling multiple
MythTV systems.  Having multiple MythTV systems using only the kernel
support might be a real challenge.


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