[mythtv-users] Converting shows to PDA suitable format

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Fri Nov 25 17:32:41 EST 2005

I am fairly new to converting video, so I have been trying to discover 
the best way to convert my recordings (PAL mpeg-TS from a DVB-T card) to 
a small format suitable for my Palm Tx PDA.

Firstly, I have read that divx is a popular format and the TCPMP player 
on the palm will play it.  Is xvid the same thing? What's the 
difference?  Any other suggestions for a target format?

OK, so I have experimented with nuvexport.  Unfortunately, under 
Knoppmyth R5A22, nuvexport with ffmpeg seems to be broken, so I tried it 
with --transcode and chose xvid format and a screen width of 240 (a 
suggestion as a reasonable compromise in quality and size).   The show I 
am converting was 3.9GB in size.  The problem is, on my mythbox, which 
is only a 800MHz celeron, it has been over 12 hours, the target file is 
200MB and it's still not finished !

I tried running transcode manually from the command line on a faster 
(non-myth) machine I have.  It's a 2.2GHz sempron.  I used this command line

transcode -i in.mpg -V -x mplayer -y xvid4,xvid4 -Z 240x160 -E 16000 -b 
48,1,7,1 -w 150 -f 24,2 -o out.avi

but it still is going slow (<20 fps)

So, I guess I am hoping for some suggestions on better ways to do this?

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