[mythtv-users] Userfreindly filenames of .nuv files?

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Thu Nov 24 03:44:06 EST 2005

>> This is as far as I know not true. I have used symlinks over NFS in 
>> the past quite extensively.
>> Typically they should be relative. Does this script perhaps use 
>> absolute links?

Don't know.  Is that easy to fix?

>> (Incidentally, programs which don't show symbolic links in their file 
>> dialogs are really broken)

> Jules is basically right.  The problem is not that the remote 
> filesystem doesn't follow symlinks, it's that NFS allows the symlink 
> to be read as a symlink.  Then, the local kernel attempts to follow 
> the symlink and that file location doesn't exist on your local 
> machine.  If you make sure that the path to the recordings directory 
> is identical on the local filesystem, it will work.  For example, if 
> you have your recordings in "/myth/recordings" on the backend, either 
> mount "/myth" at "/myth" or mount the recordings directory at 
> "/myth/recordings" (depending on how much of the myth tree you want 
> exported).
That might be easy enough to do.

> Another option is to use Samba.  With Samba you can a) specify a 
> password (unlike NFS, which simply uses UID--which is easy to fake), 

hmmm, but security isn't an issue

> b) potentially get better filesystem performance (although tuning 
> Samba is significantly more difficult than tuning NFS, so often you 
> get worse performance), c) access the linked files (Samba allows you 
> to specify you want it to follow symlinks for you since Windows 
> doesn't support symlinks).

Yes it would have to wouldn't it !

Thanks for the ideas guys.

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