[mythtv-users] The ever-popular DVD burning topic

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 15:37:18 EST 2005

> I've looked into MythTVBurn, and a few other projects... and they all
> seem to have dependency trees 5 levels deep with 47 items in them
> without sufficient information to keep me from having to get married to
> all 47 code bases even to just get things installed.
> Is there a simple, easy to install solution for this issue yet?
> Could someone point me to it?
> My target platform is SuSE 9.3, which for all other purposes, seems to
> work fine as a base for both Myth and $ALL_OUR_OTHER_CRAP.

I'm guessing you want a Linux solution, but here's a Windows one just
in case. I've only started playing with this this week but it appears
that a pretty easy solution would be to:

1) Copy recording to Windows machine
2) Use ProjectX on Windows to edit recording and transcode to .mp2 & .mpv.
3) Use a DVD author such as DVD Styler & import these 2 asset file to
make your DVD.

However, I think this all relies on the fact that I'm recording wit
DVB-T cards so I've already got MPEG2 to start with. In your case
you'd have to transcode the files out of MPEG4. You could do that with
nuvexport as step 0). Or you could use something like TMPGEnc or
IMTooMPEG (neither are free and not sure how much they like the MythTV
transcoded format). I think I've played with one of them and it does
work from memory.


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