[mythtv-users] Two Nova-T cards?

Weston, Toby toby.weston at Misys.com
Wed Nov 23 12:09:16 EST 2005

Thanks, will do tonight when I can get at my box. BTW anyone know how I can
get outlook to reply to list messages properly? I'm annoying myself with
this top-posting!

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On 22/11/05, Weston, Toby <toby.weston at misys.com> wrote:
>     Just wondering what people's experiences of using two Nova-T DVB cards
> in the
>     UK? I know people have with great success but were there any gotchas?
> The
>     reason I ask is I got my first card running (yey!) and got all flashy
> and
>     threw in the other one, now ... neither work! I'll look into it more
> just
>     wondered if there was any obvious no-nos?

Do you want to post the output of your messages file when you modprobe
the cx88_dvb driver? When you say 'neither work' does this mean they
are configured properly but software doesn't tune, or that they
conflict with each other and do not get configured at all?

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