[mythtv-users] Two Nova-T cards?

Jules Bean jules at jellybean.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 11:18:09 EST 2005

Jules Gosnell wrote:

[snip description of connecting passthrough from one card to the next)

> Would someone mind outlining the best procedure in terms of getting a 
> good signal to both cards and anything else relevant ....

There are a variety of signal splitters/amplifiers on the market. I have 
one which, if memory serves, is branded "All4One" and has a variable 
amplification dial on it, one aerial input, and four outputs; it was 
bought from PCWorld for about 20 quid and it solved some reception 
problems I had with my set-top box with my relatively poor aerial. 
Someone else on this list mentioned that they were using a similar 
product with two DVB cards with some success. They are quite widely 
available in the UK; I've seen them in at least Dixons and John Lewis as 

Dixons really doesn't make it easy to copy-paste URLs, but this might be 
a persistent URL to the thing I have:



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