[mythtv-users] Two Nova-T cards?

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Wed Nov 23 05:22:01 EST 2005

>Err, it really was as simple as throwing both cards in for me! Sorry,
>but yes a pair of Nova-t  cards do definately work.  When I got it
>working the drivers needed modifications and I had to hack the kernel,
>I've not dared upgrade to the recent kernel for fear of losing my TV
>Cheers, if there's anything you need from me, just ask.
>- Ciaran
>(I now have far too many G-Mail invites available, anyone who wants
>one, gets one)
>I'll try and figure out what's actually wrong, then no doubt a cry for help
>will be winging its way to you ;)
>Ps, outlook can't cope with anything, sry if this note looks weird!

I'm using a pair of cx88xx-based Nova-T's, fed by an One-For-All 4-way 
powered signal amplifier. Similarly, it all justworked (after some 
horrible kernel patching from bytesex.org), so I'm scared to upgrade 
anything (especially given my hand-compiled myth packages)

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