[mythtv-users] silly question

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Nov 22 23:14:40 EST 2005

chris king wrote:

> This is probably a stupid question, no doubt it has been answered in 
> some random form at least 200 million times but I must know. Ok I used 
> to have an ati all in wonder card, and I used to use the ati software 
> tv bullcrap.Anyway it was limited to 125 channles, so for direct-tv i 
> had to set it to channel 4 then record stuff. Where will the myth tv 
> box need to sit in order to work with all of my channels on 
> charter/dish/directv or will i need to do the channel 4 thing?

Actually, the 125 channel limitation is imposed not by the ATI card or 
any other tuner card, but by the cable TV standard.  OTA NTSC supports 
69 channels and cable TV supports 125.  Any system that supports more 
channels than that is using some proprietary standard to transmit the 
channels, and, therefore, requires a proprietary tuner (the DirecTV 
receiver in this case).  Same holds for DISH network, for digital cable, 

So, your best picture would come from outputting S-Video from the 
Set-Top-Box (STB) to the capture card.  If you really have multiple 
sources (i.e. Charter, DISH, and DirecTV), you can connect them to 
different inputs on the same card if you buy the A/V cable set ( 
http://registration.hauppauge.com/webstore/hardware1.asp#av_cable ), but 
it will only support two sources.  If you want more, you're probably 
better off buying additional cards.


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