[mythtv-users] myth and hdtv questions

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 16:45:14 EST 2005

On Tuesday 22 November 2005 16:34, Chris Trown wrote:
>       I've been trying to get smooth playback on my myth box.  I'm so
> close...  I get choppiness and I guess it's called "combing".  The image
> is interlaced(-v playback says it's 1080i).  The best I can describe it
> is one line of the image is fine, but the next is "smeared" or stretched
> to the right.  This only happens when there is motion in the image.  I
> also get choppiness.

thats combing. I assume your seeing a 3:2 pattern? (3 progressive, 2 
interlaced, etc etc etc)?
this is called telecine and an IVTC filter would be required to get rid of it, 
or just deinterlace the combed frames. You end up with a 30fps still but with 
1 repeated frame (due to deinterlacing the combed frames). This is most 
likeyl what is causing your choppiness as well.

>       I've tried various combinations of options and de-interlacing
> filters.  I can get one problem to go away, but not both.  

see above

>       Do I need to use the xine-hd package that's in the Downloads
> section at www.pchdtv.com?

no, and mplayer and VLC will play it fine using their normal releases.

>       Is it neccessary to use xrandr to switch video modes?  Right now
> my  desktop is running at 1280x720.  Will it get scaled appropriately?
> If so, would scaling like this obviate XvMC support?

xRandR for switching video modes = yes
will what get scaled? scaled to what?


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