[mythtv-users] Re: AW: Re: Re: NUV to DVD scripts for PVR-xxx owners

Mike Frisch mfrisch at isurfer.ca
Sun Nov 20 17:16:59 EST 2005

On 19-Nov-05, at 3:30 AM, Martin Bene wrote:

> Just for the record: you do realize that the web frontend and actual
> mythburn are completely seperate? The frontend is only used to  
> assemble
> the parameters for a single command that actually does all the work.
> You don't have to use the frontend, you can just use the mythtvburn.sh
> script from the commandline directly.

No, I did not realize that.  I installed the package that is a patch  
to MythWeb, I didn't realize I could use it standalone.  Thanks for  
the info.

I'll continue developing my script because it's simpler and I wrote  
it :)

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