[mythtv-users] Lost Scheduled Recordings after channel lineup change

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Nov 20 13:07:38 EST 2005

catfish wrote:
> Recently my cable company has changed my channel lineup (they moved 
> SpikeTV to another channel number, missing my StarTrek!).

Guys. Pay attention.

catfish wrote:
> Ah ha Thanks!
> Mythtv-setup->Video Sources->Input Connections->Tuner 0 wasn't assigned 
> to my video source.
> So for future reference does this sound like the right way to update a 
> channel lineup:

No. No, no. Absolutely not. Wrong, wrong, wrong ;-) No one in the
future should ever do this.

>  1. Shutdown mythbackend (fc: service mythbackend stop) and mythfrontend
>  2. Run mythtv-setup
>  3. Leave card seting but delete channel settings
>  4. Video Sources->New Video source
>  5. Give source a name and enter in xmltv settings and get listings, finish
>  6. Input Connections->/dev/video0->Tuner0 (I assume this would slightly 
> depend on the card
>  7. Set Video Source to name from #5
>  8. Exit mythtv-setup
>  9. Restart mythbackend (fc: service mythbackend start) and mythfrontend
> Michael T. Dean wrote:

When one channel changes it's channel number:

1. Do not shutdown the backend
2. Do not run mythtv-setup
3. Do not delete channel settings
4. Certainly do not much with the video sources
5. Don/t change any source name and if you're getting authoritative
data directly from a media service, don't refer to it as a third
party web page scraper.
6. Don't change you input connections

Generally if a new channel is added it should show up automatically.
In this case where the channel number changes, all should have been
well if you ran mythfilldatabase with this option:

   When using data direct, ask mythfilldatabase to
   overwrite channel names, frequencies, etc. with the
   values available from the data source. This will
   override custom channel names, which is why it is
   off by default.

If some channels change or are dropped, there can be old entries
left behind. The channels you no longer can be removed by following
the HOWTO:


In any case, don't blow away your channel table and sources and
source names and input connections every time there is a callsign
change or whatever, okay =).

--  bjm

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