[mythtv-users] Slightly OT - Power Control

Robert Denier rdenier at finiteinfinity.org
Sun Nov 20 12:45:42 EST 2005

Can anyone think of a simple device to buy that connects to a computer that 
allows you to turn off and on a 115V device?

An obvious Myth application would be to control a pc monitor with a fixed on 
off switch, or perhaps a fixed audio amplifier.  Of course, I'm actually 
tentatively planning to stick it on my satellite modem's connector and let a 
cron job force reset the thing every night so, hopefully, it stays stable the 
rest of the time.

Actually for my purpose, a little power timer like at a hardware store would 
likely work.  I do have an eventual goal to control an audio amplifier's 
power from a linux console though..

[I do realise I could build something, but I'd rather just find a stock 


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