[mythtv-users] Is anybody else getting 500 errors from DataDirect?

Kyle Kelly kyle at kylekelly.com
Sat Nov 19 23:11:56 EST 2005

Scott Alfter wrote:
> Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> Scott Alfter wrote:
>>> Mark J. Small wrote:
>>>> On November 19, 2005 02:14 am, Scott Alfter wrote:
>>>>> I thought I had some database corruption going on (the frontend was 
>>>>> hanging when I asked it to delete some shows), so I figured I'd try 
>>>>> rebuilding some of the data.
>>>>> I went into mythtv-setup and told it to wipe out the channel lineups.
>>>>> When I went to retrieve them, though, I ended up getting nowhere:
>>>>> [snippage]
>>>>> The 401 error is a normal byproduct of the authentication method 
>>>>> DataDirect uses, but the 500 error is abnormal. Is anyone else running
>>>>> into this problem? Without the ability to download channel lineups, my
>>>>> MythTV box is dead in the water (yeah, I should've backed up the
>>>>> database, but I didn't figure I'd run into this problem).
>>>> The only time I get 500 messages is when I let my subscription 
>>>> expire. (oops).  When is yours up?
>>> Soon, but not yet.  (More specifically, on the 27th.)
>> Log in to http://labs.zap2it.com/ and check your lineups.  Most likely 
>> your lineup is gone (cable company changed things/renamed things/...).
> Nope...they're still there.  The renewal link was also up, so I went 
> through all that and now I'm supposed to be good to go until February.  
> I still can't download channel lineups, though.  I've sent mail to 
> Zap2it Labs about this problem, but haven't gotten a reply from them yet.
> Just for grins, I also deleted the lineups and recreated them on 
> Zap2it's end.  That didn't make any difference.  I'm now trying to 
> rebuild the MythTV binaries (I'm running Gentoo, so that's simple), but 
> I'm not hopeful that that'll make a difference.  I'm just about at my 
> wits' end with this problem. Everything's been running great for months, 
> and now it's all falling apart.
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Might seem like a simple thing, but with gentoo if this started 
happening after a recent sync and emerge world then maybe you should 
look over your logs to see what has been updated.  Happened to me plenty 
of times that seemingly unrelated packages break one another.

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