[mythtv-users] Channel subscription?

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 20:20:42 EST 2005

Has it even been brought up to have the ability to record a certain channel?

Here's what I'm thinking:

I have programs on a couple different channels on at the same time,
but I've got plenty of tuners to compensate for those and several
more.  I am wanting to record Cartoon Network all day everyday, except
in the rare instance that all my tuners are being used and another
show comes on and needs that tuner that Cartoon Network would be using
to archive everything on that channel.

That way, if I miss something that came on at 4pm, and it's 6 and I
realize it, I can check my archive and have the show.

Another option would be to do this with several channels across
multiple tuners, but this would probably be easy to institute once the
initial idea was implemented.

I know there is an option for 'custom record' to just set a channel,
and a time to start and end, however, it will show up as a big block
of "custom" instead of breaking it up like it is, in the 30
minute/1hour episodes of whatever.

Just a matter of convenience, but am curious whether it's been
discussed and is worthwhile or is just a stupid feature 3 people might
use someday.


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