[mythtv-users] xboxusb lircd.conf

Ben Dash ben_dash at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 19 08:30:32 EST 2005

--- Joshua King wrote:
> On 19/11/05 11:38 AM, "Ben Dash" wrote:
> > Could someone please send me a copy of the
> lircd.conf
> > for the lirc_xboxusb driver?
> Here's what I'm using, though from memory this came
> from the Gentoo ebuild
> so you should have it. Note that I'm using this on a
> PC not an Xbox, but
> that shouldn't change a thing.

Works great!  This has been the final piece in the
puzzle, Thanks!!!

I wonder why I didn't get it when I emerge'd lirc,
probably because I started off trying to get atiusb
working first, perhaps it wouldn't overwrite that
lircd.conf once it was there.

Now I have to write a howto so that other people can
get their xboxes set up without the trouble that I had!

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