[mythtv-users] automatically launching VideoLan or Windows Media Player with .NUV files?

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 18 15:28:14 EST 2005

Michael T. Dean wrote:

> Andrew Cheyne wrote:
>> Brad,
>>  The DSMyth filters work fine for viewing the .nuc files. The problem 
>> is that I cant just click on them through the Myth web interface and 
>> have either Windows Media Player or LanVideo play the contents. It's 
>> not really a MythTV issue.
>>   It used to be that you could configure applications to handle the 
>> mime types for a browser, but I cant seem to find where you set that 
>> anywhere. QuickTime seems to want to try and play the content from 
>> the .NUV file everytime.
> Even if you fix your MIME types (Tools|Options (for Windows) or 
> Edit|Preferences (for *nix), then click Downloads, then change the 
> action for nuv files in the File Types area), won't your browser 
> (Firefox or IE or ...) download the file first, then start the 
> associated application?  So, after downloading 2GB, your wife can 
> watch her show.
> If there's a way to have FF (or whatever) automatically pass the URL 
> to another app, please let me know.

With DSMyth Fileter, I click on the icon/file link in mythweb and it 
automatically starts windows media player (or whatever you configured it 
for in dsmyth configuration) and starts playing the video.  DSMyth 
configures this your client machine for this.

in the past, I remember having to configure mythweb to pass myth:// when 
you click on the PNG/link of the recorded video.
I just upgraded last week, with complete reformated my backend, and I 
don't remember having to mess with that.. S maybe mythweb is already 
configured to do that.

In any case, what you request does work with DSMyth and mythweb.
Just call up mythweb and click on the PNG and Windows Media starts up 
and plays. I have it on all the Windows PCs in the house.


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