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Steven mythmail at richardstraat.homedns.org
Fri Nov 18 08:25:05 EST 2005

Citeren Steffen <steffenf at gmail.com>:

> Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net wrote:
>> I took some time today to figure out how to make nuvexport work best
>> from a pure command line interface, and this sample is what I came up
>> with:
>> nuvexport  --chanid=1035 --start=20031223232700 --mode=svcd
> --out=test/goodeats.mpg --denoise
> I am looking into modifying the myth2ipod (myth2ipod.com) script to
> use nuvexport instead of ffmpeg to make it work on transcoded files,
> and when doing some research I came upon your post. I've patched in
> the ipod support at https://svn.forevermore.net/nuvexport/ticket/56
> into my nuvexport 0.2_pre20051020 build, and converted ipod files from
> nuvexport look great!
> However, to do this interactively I'd like to be able to set the name
> of the output file as a parameter. Your example of the --out=filename
> parameter doesn't seem to work for me?
> I've also tried changing the naming in /etc/nuvexportrc but nuvexport
> doesn't seem to pay any attention to this at all.
> Any tips? :-)
> /Steff

A good tip would be to setup a userjob in mythtv that calls nuvexport. I have
this working at the moment. That way you can setup your recordings to
automaticly be converted  after they finish recording.
Don't have access to my myth box at the moment but from memmory i use
something like
/usr/local/bin/nuvexport --chanid="%CHANID%" --start="%STARTTIME%"
 as command for the userjob (you can set this up using mythtv-setup)

You can pass the output folder as a parameter (or set this as an option in
nuvexportrc), the filename is generated using the tile and subtitle fields.


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