[mythtv-users] Regenerate recordedmarkup?

Ant Daniel antdaniel at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 05:50:46 EST 2005

On 18/11/05, E Norm <enorm1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I got one recording that has, for whatever reason, been corrupted in the
> recordedmarkup table.
> It is not possible to use the forward or rewind buttons on the show but
> to just play it works fine.
> Is there a way to re-generate that info?
> /Eric
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mythcommflag --rebuild

You can specify other params here i.e. chanid, starttime, endtime,
etc, I use -f file --force.

I have found that it desn't always work for me if there are still
records for this in the recordedmarkup table, so I usually delete them
'DELETE FROM recordedmarkup WHERE chanid = <channel> AND
starttime="yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm"'

Note: if you do a select first the result could be large and for me it
can crash my link, if I want to check I do the Select with a SUM(*)

All this from memory so check with mythcommflag --help and check that
I got the column names correct (show columns from recordedmarkup)


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