[mythtv-users] Mac OSX: Frontend- error on listing shows- length mismatch error on DB access

wandering.womble at gmail.com wandering.womble at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 19:11:57 EST 2005

Hi there-

I've got a Gentoo based backend happily running 0.18.1; everything
works fine on it (i.e. local frontend), and as far as I can tell,
everything is ok for secondary frontends; I used to have a second
frontend on another linux box that worked, and I don't think anything
has broken since then.  I'm also happily using the windows media-show
plugins + mythweb (so at least the backend server is streaming ok.)

We've recently bought an iBook, and I happily installed the available
pre-compiled frontends.  They all run ok, and can access the database.
 I can call up a list of categories.  But running from the command
line with '-v all', I see three attempts to get a show title listing,
but each one has a 'length mismatch' error (sorry, don't have the
exact error message with me at work.)  The program title looks ok as
echoed on the command line, but the numbers printed (I assume message
length) are around 32k-- possibly byte ordering problems???

I don't see any problems with protocol version mismatches, or with
getting access to the database (no error message about protocol
versions, and messages listing 1 active DB connection.)

Any suggestions for what to do to fix this greatly appreciated!

Thanks to everyone for making such a great system-



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