[mythtv-users] Nuvexport problems ffmpeg finishes immediately.

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 18:31:54 EST 2005

Chris Petersen wrote:

>> I did. Doesn't show me anything even with --showprogress (I removed 
>> the 2>&1)
>> I assume that it's sitting there waiting for ffmpeg to pickup the 
>> audio and video streams from the tmp dir. Does mythranscode create 
>> the audio and video fifos in a tmp directory?
> the "waiting for mythtranscode to set up fifos" (which was the last 
> thing you said nuvexport printed before failing) comes from nuvexport, 
> and means that mythtranscode has not yet created the fifo's in the tmp 
> dir.  It won't start ffmpeg until those are created.
> Or have you moved on to a completely different error?

no, not a different error. But, look at this:

Now encoding:  The Office:  Performance Review
Encode started:  Thu Nov 17 15:10:58 2005
First pass...
Waiting for mythtranscode to set up the fifos.
Starting ffmpeg.
processed:  0 of 53820 frames (0.00%),   0.00 fps
ffmpeg finished.
processed:  0 of 53820 frames (0.00%),   0.00 fps

ffmpeg died early.Please use the --debug option to figure out what went 

To me, this looks like there's something wrong with ffmpeg. Hey wait a 
minute, Why does -4mv do in ffmpeg? I don't see it in ffmpeg.pm. This is 
the 1st pass --debug:

$ /bin/nice -n19 ffmpeg -y -f s16le -ar 48000 -ac 2 -i 
/tmp/fifodir_4835/audout -f rawvideo -pix_fmt yuv420p -s 480x480 -aspect 
1.33333333333333 -r 29.970 -i /tmp/fifodir_4835/vidout -aspect 
1.33333333333333 -r 29.970 -deinterlace -croptop 10 -cropbottom 10 
-cropleft 10 -cropright 10 -padleft 2 -padright 2 -s 620x464  -vcodec 
xvid -b 960 -minrate 32 -maxrate 1920 -bt 32 -bufsize 65535 -lumi_mask 
0.05 -dark_mask 0.02 -scplx_mask 0.5 -4mv -part -pass 1 -passlogfile 
'/tmp/xvid.4835.log' -f avi /dev/null

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